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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Curiosities of the new temporary exhibition rooms of the Museum of Jewish History

Santiago Sobrequés writes about the last days of the Jews of Girona for l'Autonomista (1934). At the end of the article Radio Girona promotes its radio station, located at number 8 Força street (now the Museum of Jewish History)

A very young Santiago Sobrequès (historian, 1911-1973) wrote the article "The last decades of the Jews of Girona" for the literary supplement of L'Autonomista in 1934. This federalist republican newspaper was published between 1898 and 1939 in Girona. It had been founded by its director, Darius Rahola, who also printed it at his own printers. The newspaper stopped being published in 1939, when the Second Republic was defeated at the end of the Civil War, since the press was confiscated when Franco's forces entered Girona. Its last issue was released on January 25, 1939.

It is a curious coincidence that Radio Girona should announce itself on the same page of this Supplement in 1934, since the premises of this local radio station were on the ground floor of the 8, Força Street building, where nowadays the temporary exhibitions of the Museum of Jewish History are housed.

This summer, the Museum of Jewish History has chosen the number of l'Autonomista, with the advertisement of Radio Girona, book of the month, and it can be seen in the ground floor showcase during the month of August.

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