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Joana Gumí i Oriol Marès: Racons del klezmer

Concert included within the "Nights of Music in the Jewish quarter"

Thursday, August 24,
Museu d'Història dels Jueus

In every culture, music reflects the trajectory of people. Jewish people, from the beginning, have been migrating all over Europe in search of a place of their own, so they have been adopting influences wherever they passed.

The clarinet and the violin were two important instruments in the Klezmer. Over time, the clarinet replaced the violin in musical formations due to acoustic reasons. With the complicity of klezmer and jazz, we will play this two instruments.

Group members:
Joana Gumí - violin
Oriol Marès - clarinet
Joan Muntada - accordion
Blai Gumí - double bass

It is a music that transports to many world places.

Free admission to full capacity

Access: through Sant Llorenç street

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