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Des gens qui s'embrassent

Movie Nights at the Jewish quarter

Thursday, July 18,
Call de Girona

Des gens qui s'embrassent
France, 2012
Director:DaniŔle Thompson
Duration: 100 min.
Genre: dramatic comedy

Bad timing! The funeral of Zef's wife right when Roni's daughter is getting married!
That unexpected event only makes the existing conflicts between the two brothers worse. Their professions, their life choices and even their wives couldn't be more different. Religious austerity on one side, intense enjoyment of life's pleasures on the other. They have nothing in common but their aging father who's losing his grip and their respective daughters who adore one another.
From London to Paris, New York to Saint Tropez, showdowns, misunderstandings and betrayals all serve to blow up the family landscape. But out of the rubble of those arguments and haphazard reconciliations will blossom a beautiful love story -- or two!

Activity in collaboration with Festival de Cinema Jueu de Barcelona.

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