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Pequeñas historias de la calle Saint-Nicolas, Line Amselem

Book recommended for April by the Reading Group of the 'Call'

Wednesday, April 24,
Call de Girona

Title: Pequeñas historias de la calle Saint-Nicolas
Author: Line Amselem
Publication: Editorial Xordica, Madrid, 2012.

The narrator of this novel, a seven year old girl, lives with her family in a poor district of Paris in the early 70s. Her parents are Moroccan immigrants of Judeo-Spanish origin.
At home there is no toilet, but running water. They celebrate Shabbat and Yom Kippur and they don't believe in Santa Claus. They collect the sticks from caramelized apples so that their father, who is a shoemaker, can use them to fill the heels and they never have gone on vacation.

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