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Jornades Europees de la Cultura Jueva

Kabbalah, Mystique and Music

Activity included within the European Days of Jewish Culture

Thursday, September 12,
Museu d'Història dels Jueus

Introduced by Blanca Rosa Domínguez (International Kabbalah Society).
The lecture will combine Kabbalah with music and will consist of 5 modules: Memories, the Kabbalah of Girona, what is the Kabbalah, what it is for and what does it mean to be a Kabbalist.

Girona musicians Tati Cervià, jazz singer and Sephardic music singer, and Jaume Fulcarà, guitarist, will perform songs inspired by the texts of the Kabbalah.

Free entrance. Limited seats.

Photo Tati Cervià: Enric Nonell. Photo Blanca Rosa Domínguez: Pedres de Girona. Access: through Sant Llorenç street

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