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Presentation - Mrs. GlÚria Plana
The activities of the summer 2004
The guided tours to the museum and to the Jewish Quarter
European Day of the Jewish Culture
Second Course on Cultural tourism and Jewish heritage
Passagen. Homage to Walter Benjamin
Winter activities at the Nahmanides institute
Culture and Heritage
The European Jewish heritage: models and examples for its conservation and diffusion
The Jewish heritage in Italy, by Claudia de Benedetti
Open Doors day in the Library Eliezer Eljanan Schalit
Maimonides' Year
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Presentation - Mrs. GlÚria Plana
The cultural heritage of Girona is the resource for excellence of the tourism of the town, of which it is part, undoubtedly, the Jewish heritage. In these moments the tourist and the visitor that arrive to Girona have an obliged appointment with the call, a part of the town that hides more than six centuries of a culture and a way of living very different to ours.

 To discover the secrets that hide the old stones of the call -the history, the literature, the traditions... -, the Board Call de Girona, through the Bonastruc Áa Porta Centre, the Nahmanides Institute for Jewish Studies and the Museum of History of the Jewish People, organises many and different cultural activities to help discover these secrets and to approach us a little more to the culture with which our ancestors lived side by side during so many years.

 The present bulletin offers you all the program of activities of the fall-winter season, in order to spread the Jewish heritage and culture, as the temporary exhibition 'Passagen. Homage to Walter Benjamin' in the Museum of History of the Jewish People, which can be visited up to the 11th of January, or the lectures and the courses of the Nahmanides Institute. You are also going to find here all those activities related to the Jewish world in different places, the open doors day that was carried out in the Judaica library, besides articles on the culture and the heritage of these people.

 Desire that with the bulletin and with the activities that the Call de Girona Board carries out, is obtained with success the suggested goal of promoting the diffusion of the Jewish heritage and culture, basic part of the past of our town, and contributing at the same time towards giving more attractive to Girona's culture and cultural heritage.

GlÚria Plana Yanes
 Town councillor of local Development and Promotion of the town