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Presentation - Mrs. M. Llu´sa Faxedas
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Presentation - Mrs. M. Llu´sa Faxedas
This newsletter presents the fall season which, as usual, offers a wide variety of events related to the diffusion of the Jewish culture and heritage in our surroundings. We hope these activities will interest as many people as possible and will entice them to participate.
During the fall calendar a very special event takes place, the inauguration of the first rooms of the Museum of the History of the Jews. It is significant for the Call of Girona and for all those who are in anyway involved. Since the beginning, the establishment of the museum has been in the heart of the cultural project of the Call. We have always considered that it was not only the ideal space to preserve the material evidence that remains of the Jewish culture, but also the most appropriate place in our city to explain the history of the Jewish sites in the most didactic and accurate way.
We hope that the opening of these rooms represents one more milestone in the history of the rediscovery of our heritage and that it helps us revive the memory of a period which is a fundamental part of our city's past.
M. Llu´sa Faxedas
 Town councillor of Cultural Heritage
 Municipality of Girona