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Presentation - Mrs. M. Lluïsa Faxedas
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Presentation - Mrs. M. Lluïsa Faxedas
The most recent newsletter comes to us perfumed with the aroma of flowers that this spring, as every year, fill the courtyards and nooks and crannies of the old quarter of Girona; the Bonastruc ça Porta Centre will also take part in this civic celebration by having a floral display that can be visited, like the rest of the flower show, between 8 and 16 May.

 Those who visit the Call in the coming months will not just find flowers however. As always, we have programmed a series of activities on Jewish culture and heritage at a time when, more than ever, we have to contribute in any way we can to a deeper understanding between different cultures and peoples; therefore, in addition to the conferences that have been part of the cycle we have been celebrating on Jewish festivals and traditions, a seminar entitled 'Gerunda iudaica' (Jewish Girona) will be held this coming June. It will be organised in collaboration with the Asociación Española de Estudios Hebreos y Judíos (The Spanish Association for Hebrew and Jewish Studies) and the University of Girona. It will help us to reflect on Judaism from olden times up to contemporary times.

 It will also still be possible to visit the exhibition entitled, 'A Walk through Jewish Holidays and Traditions', which is housed in the galleries for temporary exhibitions. It was inaugurated this past February. Another act that we wouldn't want to leave without mentioning is the presentation of the cookery book La cocina sefardí (Sephardic Cooking), published by Red de Juderías de España of which the city of Girona is part. This publication is one of a kind. It does not just present recipes, but also explains all of the various details in relation to Jewish culinary rituals. We hope that this variety of proposals will satisfy everyone who wants to find out more about our Jewish heritage.

 M. Lluïsa Faxedas
 Town Councillor of Culture