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Presentation - Mrs. Anna Pagans
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Presentation - Mrs. Anna Pagans
It is my pleasure to present the first issue of the Call de Girona Municipal Board's newsletter, which emerges with the intention of being another instrument of diffusion of the CALL, a sector of the city which has a deep respect for old stones and a determined goal of revitalizing an old, mutual history.
The recovery of the physical surroundings during an initial stage, beginning in 1985, has paved the way for the inauguration, in 2002, of the Bonastruc ça Porta Center and the first rooms of the Museum of the History of the Jews. With the refurbishment of the streets and squares in the surrounding area and the opening, in 1997, of the Nahmanides Institute for Jewish Studies, thus intellectually revitalizing the Call, the Center has undergone an extensive transformation process. A dynamic program, full of events and activities, has placed Girona on the national and international cultural and touristic circuits.
Today the Girona Jewish heritage is, without a doubt, an obligatory stop for visitors, tourists, scholars and specialists. This newsletter would like to contribute to the interchange of not only knowlege but also of the feelings enclosed within our walls for more than 500 years.
Anna Pagans Gruartmoner
 Mayoress of Girona
 President of the Municipal Board Call de Girona